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Smart Lights

Sylantech Electricals lights are a smart innovation in the future of lighting. Advanced technology energy efficiency and durability put Sylantech Electricals lights years ahead, giving it a clear edge in today’s market.


We at Sylantech Electricals offer a wide range of smart lights. These Smart light helps to save energy & money more than a normal light. Smart lights provide you with a straight forward path which helps in making your light or device automatic so that they are presented only with relevant configuration settings based on your choices.

These lights are organized and controlled by you. They are wireless. They are screwed into regular light sockets on regular lamps and they are connected to a wireless Wi-Fi. They can also be connected to your smart-phones and once connected, they can be turned on off using your phone. They can take orders from you to make your house more beautiful. Smart lights can be put on a schedule and you can combine lights and change the brightness by creating scenes.

Our smart lights are mostly low powered LED’s but they can even change color to make your house look more beautiful. Our smart lights are cheaper and more dependable. We provide with various forms of smart light like motion detection lights, remote lighting controls, personalized lights, etc. which help you save money to a great extent and them. Our lights are not even harmful and you can adjust them as per your comfort.

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