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LED Lounge

Sylantech LED's are a smart innovation in the future of lighting. Advanced technology energy efficiency and durability put Sylantech Electricals lights years ahead, giving it a clear edge in today’s market.

LED Bulb & LED Lights for Home & Outdoor

As a leading brand in LED revolution in India, we at Sylantech Electricals a led supplier has always keen to create a channel exclusive for our LED products. We created a space where all our products and LED range will be displayed with glory along with recent inventions. We joined together to experience the future of light.

We offer our customers an advanced solution of LED lighting ranging from domestic, decorative, commercial, etc which is very cost effective and environment friendly. At present Sylantech residential (home & outdoor) basket offers solutions that propose a new-lifestyle creation through them.

LED Lighting focuses on energy-saving and reliable lighting; this enables Sylantech to focus on its key objective of creating efficient lighting solution, along with reducing energy costs for its customers and minimizing environmental impact. Our LED lounges showcase our high efficiency industrial range which enables us to provide a tenable solution by saving huge costs and being very environment friendly.

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