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Sylantech LED bulbs are designed for offices, hotels and many more commercial places. These led lights are a smart innovation in future of lighting. With Advanced technology, energy efficiency and durability make Sylantech Electricals lights years ahead, giving it a clear edge in today’s market.


In any commercial industry, lighting plays a very important role in improving the staff’s ability to provide the required level of service. We at Sylantech electrical produce LED lights that have superior durability and versatility which makes them ideal for exterior or interior commercial lighting. Our commercial LED lights are made up of solid-state components that are less receptive to shocks and vibrations which make them work longer.

Our LED bulbs and intelligent digital controls can together provide the higher quality indoor commercial environment. The fixtures in our lights come to full illumination almost immediately after they are powered on without any flickering. Commercial facilities can cycle lights on or off in order to save electricity consumption and reduce utility costs. We ensure that our lights have a long lifespan but when they approach the end of their operating ability, they start to dim and they can be replaced as per the schedule of the customer without interfering with the commercial facility’s regular operations.

These lights come with diffusers and their beams can be spread in multiple directions and combined to light all areas of a commercial facility to create more safety by eliminating dark areas and shadows. It provides workers an opportunity to see contrasts and fine details in their surroundings which improve the overall safety and work result. Our commercial LED lights consume less energy than normal lights but produce better illumination as compared to standard commercial lighting with less than half of the electric power consumption. All the upfront LED installations can be recovered by any commercial facility with low operating expenses in less than two years.

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